Zobaline™ For Diabetic Cats 3 mg x 60 tablets

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Zobaline is a supplement used to improve peripheral nerve health in old and overweight cats. Zobaline is capable of improving weakness in the hind legs, walking on the hocks rather than on the toes, loss of ability to climb stairs, and lack of endurance.

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177 reviews for Zobaline™ For Diabetic Cats 3 mg x 60 tablets

  1. Maggie (verified owner)

    Zobaline returned the quality of life to my diabetic cat, giving him strength back to his hind legs so he could walk properly again and squat in the litter box.

  2. Dave L. (verified owner)

    Seems to help our fur baby’s hind quarter

  3. Laura H. (verified owner)

    My cat Tiger has diabetic neuropathy. I have been giving him Zobaline for about 4 months so far. I feel that it is helping him, he is walking better and is even able to jump up on the couch now. He was just going from under the couch to the utility room and back. Now he is venturing farther in the house. I will continue to use this product.

    Image #1 from Laura H.
  4. Morag (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that gave my cat his life back even tho he lives in UK and has been having these tablets for 8 years ..worth every penny or dollar depending where you live

    Image #1 from Morag
  5. Paige T. (verified owner)

    I’ve been giving my cat Zobaline for over 2 years and it has completely changed his life. He is able to walk, jump and navigate our house safely. I am beyond thankful for this product and the effect it has had to better my furbaby’s quality of life.

  6. Terri V. (verified owner)

    Zobaline has helped my diabetic cat with his neuropathy.

  7. Mary J. (verified owner)

    I originally purchased Zobaline for my 13 yr old diabetic cat with neuropathy. His back legs were so bad that he could only walk 3-4 steps before resting. Jumping was impossible. Within 6 weeks he was almost back to normal. By 8 weeks he was acting normal. Two years later he is starting to move slower due to muscle loss in his back legs. Having started Zobaline again last month we are seeing an improvement.

  8. LeighAnn S. (verified owner)

    Works wonders for our diabetic cat

  9. Sherry S. (verified owner)

    Our cat was diagnosed with diabetes just over a year ago and developed severe neuropathy in her hind legs. Heard about this product from our vet and she’s been on it ever since. Within a few weeks she was able to walk again. Thank you Life Link!

  10. Rochelle H. (verified owner)

    Started using 2 years ago when one cat was first diagnosed with diabetes. His gait in his hind legs wasn’t good and he had a hard time walking. Crushed a pill into his food 2x’s a day and he is back to walking fine within 6-8 months. I’m a believer in this product! Previously the pink pills were easier to crush but had a lot of dusty powder in the bottle. The new speckled pills are a bit harder but still completely possible to crush with the back of a spoon. Much less pill dust in the bottles now. Cat still doesn’t notice it’s mixed in the food as there is no taste. THANK YOU for a GREAT product!

  11. Dave L. (verified owner)

    Zobaline has helped our diabetic cat (Bear) tremendously.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Zobaline is extremely effective. Within a very short time my cat was able to move normally again.

  13. Heather M. (verified owner)

    This has been a great product for my 11 year old Maine Coon Cross boy. He’s been diabetic for a while and his neuropathy was continuing to get worse. Using the Zobaline has helped tremendously with the spinal pain though he still has trouble walking and jumping. We’ve been using it for only two months so will continue to use it for some time to come. Tried another company’s product before this one, and without the folic acid that’s been added in this product, his neuropathy actually got worse. I’ll continue to purchase and use the Zobaline. Great product. As well, shipping to my province in Canada took just under two weeks.

  14. Kathleen Kissinger (verified owner)

    Good medicine for my cat

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Life changing product for my sugar baby

  16. Debra K. (verified owner)

    This stuff works miracles!! My cat, Biffle was diagnosed with diabetes over 3 years ago and started walking on his back hocks, after starting him on Zobaline after approximately 6 months he was walking normal again. Biffle has been on Zobaline for over 2 years and it’s still working. Worth every penny!!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I don’t normally do product reviews, but this product certainly deserves one! A year after adopting an adult cat (who had been abandoned and abused) from a local shelter, he began walking plantigrade on his back feet. A vet diagnosed that he was diabetic, and so I began the prescribed regimen of twice daily insulin injections and low-carb diet (smaller meals five times a day). Although the vet didn’t recommend it, I read about giving diabetic cats B-12 to help with the back leg neuropathy, I discussed it with the vet, and subsequently ordered this product. Three months later, my cat went from walking plantigrade, and only about four steps at a time, to walking normal again, and clear across the house and yard. It was like a miracle! He officially went into diabetic remission, so I was able to stop the insulin injections. However, I continue to keep him on a low-carb diet, (as his weight is an issue), and continue the use of this product to help with his chronic neuropathy (although he continues to walk normally, he does bite at his toes and shake his legs sometimes). I am so grateful for this product; I know that it helped him a lot, and continues to help him even now! Thank you so much, LifeLink!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a miracle pill! Our elderly diabetic cat (who is on insulin) went from walking on his hocks to walking on his paws like he used to! Thank you so much for this product.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We have only just started using Zobaline for Cats for our diabetic cat less than a week ago. Too early to see any results but we are hopeful given all the great reviews. The package did take a long time to get from CA to Canada so that was a bit disappointing. Hoping that was a one-off and our next shipment wont take as long.

  20. Kathi L. (verified owner)

    Zobaline seems to work great when my cat had neuropathy due to diabetes. Everything I researched said to use Zobaline. Along with insulin and Zobaline, my cats neuropathy is gone. Even though the neuropathy is gone, I just keep using the Zobaline for
    extra support. I’m also happy with the company as the turn around time is good.

  21. Elene (verified owner)

    This product has helped my diabetic cat recover her balance and back leg function – she was walking on her hocks instead of her toes as a result of diabetic neuropathy. In conjunction with insulin treatment, the Zobaline has helped her recover her back leg strength and walking ability. Would highly recommend this product to all owners of diabetic cats to be used in conjunction with appropriate insulin and diet.

  22. Terri (verified owner)

    I have been using this supplement for quite a while and it really seems to help my diabetic cat with his neuropathy.

  23. Sarah (verified owner)

    My cat seems to be much more energetic and is even able to jump onto short tables and surfaces again! Very pleased with this product.

  24. Lainie H. (verified owner)

    My cat has been a diabetic for several years. He may have been about 7 when he was diagnosed. He is now about to turn 13! Not long after the vet revealing he is a diabetic cat and getting into his new routine of insulin twice a day, he developed neuropathy in his legs. It was at that time that I began looking for help. I don’t recall how I found Zobaline—probably in reading ALL about diabetic cats that I could find. But —thankfully I found Zobaline !! Pedlar neuropathy reversed. He was walking slow and not on his paws…more on his hind forelegs. He was walk a little and lay down. It has been a while ago, so I don’t recall exactly how long it took for his legs to appear to function normal—but they DID! He is a very strong cat and can run up the steps ! And jump on our bed (pretty tall!!)! And just live the best life he can as a diabetic cat😊❤️!
    He is a fluffy (about 18 pounds!).

    Image #1 from Lainie H.
    Image #2 from Lainie H.
  25. Leigh S. (verified owner)

    Thank you for helping my baby

  26. Alan K. (verified owner)

    Zobaline saved my cat’s life and my daughter’s cats life, both of them could barely walk because of rear leg diabetic neuropathy, now they can run and climb trees again, I’ve been telling everybody I know that has cats about it, even my vet who never heard of it was very impressed with the results.

  27. Lisa B. (verified owner)

    Actually just referred my friend last week that ordered as well. My kitties back legs are good!!😸

  28. Carla Pinto (verified owner)

    Helping my diabetic cat so much! She’s able to jump again.

  29. Terri (verified owner)

    I have been using Zobaline for a while and it seems to really help my cat with his neuropathy. He is more mobile.

  30. mika2744857 (verified owner)

    Have been giving my cat Zobaline for about 2 1/2 months now. She is able to jump up on chairs and seems to walk much better. I’ve noticed she is more active and playful. I know her neuropathy will never be completely gone but overall she is much improved!! I would certainly recommend it to other kitty owners. Has been a game changer for my kitty.

  31. Rhonda L. (verified owner)

    This is a game changer for my diabetic kitty.

  32. karen s. (verified owner)

    Have been giving my diabetic kitty this product for a little over 2 months now. Her hind legs neuropathy has greatly improved. She can now jump up on chairs and walk without difficulty. I highly recommend Zobaline to other cat owners. Also delivery is very quick!

  33. donna (verified owner)

    My kitty seems to be doing a lot better with this product

  34. Cath Lindsay (verified owner)

    Was seriously considering my cat quality of life as he could only walk a metre or so and that with his back leg flat. Could not get in and out of the litter tray and coyldnt manage the stairs. Blood suger was coming down but insulin dosage was high i got these little pulls sent to me in England as a last resort. And wow. Saw a little improvement after a week and it carried on 4 months on hes jumping about and is generally like a young cat again. If unaure whether to get these pill please do they are a godsend

  35. Cath (verified owner)

    These pills are amazing. My cat had diabetic neuropathy and had all but lost the use of his rear legs. I read about Zobaline so had some delivered to England. Thatnk god I did they saved my boy from an early death. They are Absolutley worth getting to help if you have a diabetic kitty

  36. kookykitten32 (verified owner)

    Zobaline has changed my cat’s life beyond measure! Annabell was diagnosed with diabetes on Halloween 2022. She was walking on her hocks, and even her front legs were bent beyond normal…they were almost shaped like field hockey sticks. I was absolutely distraught and honestly considered having her put to sleep. My heart broke for my girl, she would take a few steps and sit. When she was at her food dish, her back legs were sliding out from under her.

    I started scouring diabetic cat forums online, and Zobaline was mentioned over and over again. I talked to my vet about it and he hadn’t heard of using methyl B12 for neuropathy, but he didn’t think it could hurt her, as any excess is just excreted through urine.

    I started by giving her two pills a day, one in the morning and one at night. The pills crush easily between two spoons, and Annabell doesn’t seem to notice it atop her wet food. I eliminated dry food altogether and hated to do it, because she loved it so much. She still gets some crunch in her life with freeze-dried treats. 🙂

    It took a couple months before I noticed a difference, but Annabell was pretty bad off…always hiding unless using the litterbox or eating.

    Well, NOW I have a happy 10-year-old girl who is now standing, walking, running, climbing, and even jumping like she did before her diabetes!!! I TRULY CANNOT THANK LIFELINK ENOUGH FOR HELPING MY GIRL!! I have her on just one pill a day now to maintain, and she continues to thrive! ❤️

    Please, if you are hesitant about getting this, just do it…you will be astonished by the results! My vet is amazed, too!

    Thank you, Lifelink!🥰

  37. Ann C. (verified owner)

    These made an amazing difference for my cat & her neuropathy, I could notice an improvement in about 6-8 weeks, also this helps protect their liver & pancreas a little from the effects of diabetes, I live in the UK but it was worth it to see the improvement & better quality of life for my cat.

  38. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I use Zobaline to prevent neuropathy in my diabetic cat

  39. Kathleen Kissinger (verified owner)

    They hide good in my cat’s food, and he’s been taking 2 daily.

  40. JANET W. (verified owner)

    The results vary, but I think the product is still beneficial. It worked much better for the first cat that had issues with his back legs, but doesn’t work as well for the current cat that is taking these supplements. He still has trouble getting around, whereas, the first cat was able to walk completely normal after taking these supplements for about a week. I would recommend that anyone with a cat that is struggling with hind leg weakness to give this product a try. It may completely resolve the issue, so it’s worth trying.

  41. Terri (verified owner)

    This really seems to help my cat. He seems more mobile since we started the Zobaline.

  42. Dinah W. (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found this product for our 15 year old diabetic cat. Skippy has been on insulin for 3 years- and wasn’t walking well. After starting Zobaline, he is back to his regular self. I am forever grateful.

  43. Sarah (verified owner)

    I have seen a lot of progress in my cats walking.

  44. Mark T. (verified owner)

    It seems to make my cat feel a little bit better.

  45. Elene A. (verified owner)

    This product has helped my diabetic kitty to maintain good walking posture on her toes and to keep her active. She has been using it since first diagnosed with diabetes, and together with getting her regulated on insulin, it has helped tremendously.

  46. Cath L. (verified owner)

    Amazing little pills I cant stress enough how these tablets helped my boy get over diabetic neuropathy

  47. Laura S. (verified owner)

    I just started it about 5 days ago, I think it’s still too soon to tell but it was highly recommended to improve my kitty’s neuropathy

  48. Leigh S. (verified owner)

    Has helped my diabetic cat tremendously.

  49. Anna (verified owner)

    We were struggling to regulate my kitty’s diabetes for several months and he developed neuropathy in his hind legs. It was heartbreaking to watch him grow weaker and weaker and be unable to jump or walk across the room. In just a couple months, he started gaining his strength back! I am so happy we found this supplement.

  50. Scarlett (verified owner)

    I got this for my diabetic cat. Was giving 1x a day and now upped it to 2x a day.

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I found out about this product from a cat diabetes website and wanted to give it a try since I noticed my poor guy was starting to limp on his hind legs and was having trouble jumping up high. This definitely helped him but he still has a bit of a limp and gone are the high jumping days of his youth. Definitely planning to continue to use.

  52. Jane M. (verified owner)

    Zobaline helped my cat with his hind-end weakness caused by his diabetes. After 2 weeks of a daily zobaline tablet given in a treat, he was walking normally and able to jump again! We are thrilled with the results and will keep him on these tablets for the rest of his life.

  53. Laurie M. (verified owner)

    Our 13 year old Diabetic cat suffered from neuropathy. She stopped going upstairs & jumping on furniture. Whiskers has been taking Zobaline for 9 months & has improved tremendously. I am so happy I found this product.

  54. Leigh Ann Slaughter (verified owner)

    As always, helps my diabetic boy. Thank you.

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

    11 yr old cat was diagnosed with diabetes & neuropathy in back legs. Vet started her on a conservative amount of insulin, and since increased it now that she has neuropathy in her front paws too. After doing research, weened her off dry food. She had been on Zobaline 1x/day for 3 months, now increased it to 2x/day. It’s been a month with the increased dosage, haven’t seen a difference yet. After seeing the positive reviews for Zobaline, I’m hopeful my kitty will see improvement too.

  56. karen s. (verified owner)

    My kitty is a controlled diabetic with back leg neuropathy. She has now been on Zobaline for 6 months and I am thrilled to say that she is walking and jumping normally. This product has given her her mobility back!! Couldn’t been happier!!

  57. Kerri (verified owner)

    Helps my diabetic cat with her neuropathy. Been using it for a year now.

  58. donna wiens (verified owner)

    My cat is doing great on it

  59. Lisa (verified owner)

    Has made such a difference

  60. Jan Hunter (verified owner)

    This product has been a lifesaver for my diabetic cat.
    When she was first diagnosed she would drag her back legs and now runs and jumps.
    I have used this product for 5 years and import it into Australia. The service it prompt and I can highly recommend this product

    Image #1 from Jan Hunter
  61. Terri V. (verified owner)

    I have been using Zobaline for my diabetic cat for quite a while now and it seems to really help with his mobility.

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My cat has been able to stay off insulin injections because of this amazing product! I give it to both of my cats now, every single day.

  63. robert greska (verified owner)

    Helped his back legs
    Good stuff

  64. Angela R. (verified owner)

    Haven’t seen much progress yet

  65. Ronald Galvelis (verified owner)

    Zobaline has really helped our 14 year old cat, Finn, relieving his arthritis and restoring normal movement. Thanks so much!

    Image #1 from Ronald Galvelis
  66. Jessie B. (verified owner)

    One of my older cats was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. He was walking on the bottom half of his back legs and his numbers were through the roof! The vet said he’d be on insulin the rest of his life and the nerve damage/how he was walking would never be reversed… So I did my own research and came across Zobaline. After reading the reviews I thought it was worth a shot, especially since the price was not outrageous. I switched his diet and completely took him off all kibble, he gets no treats and is on Sheba pate only, twice a day. He gets one Zobaline in his pm meal and I am ecstatic to say his diabetes has been completely reversed, he is no longer on ANY insulin AND he is walking on his feet again!!! It took 1 1/2 months to start to see improvement in his hind legs, so make sure you give this product time. He is on his second bottle and you’d never know he had an issue with his hind legs. He could hardly walk up a set of 5 stairs before taking this product. I usually carried him up, that’s how bad it was. He loves to hang out outside until he’s ready to come back in for a nap. Now he is doing stairs with no issues. He will be on low carb canned food for the rest of his life and i’ve even started my other cats on it as a preventative. Kibble contains way to high of carbs for cats. If you have a cat with diabetes and still feed dry food, you might want to switch and HIGHLY recommend trying Zobaline. I love my vet, but I typically take what they say with a grain of salt… He actually goes back for his recheck this week. We were doing weekly glucose testing and now it’s been just over a month since his last test. Can’t wait to see what it says! Crossing fingers it’s still under control with just his diet change.

  67. Dave L. (verified owner)

    The Zobaline from iLifelink has helped our diabetic cat tremendously.

  68. Cath (verified owner)

    Amazing little pills. My boy couldnt walk the neuropathy in his legs was that bad. Read about Zobaline and thought i woyld give it a try. Within a few weeks he was up on his feet and has been back to his normal self now for a while. Hes now in diabetic remission so no more insulin needed and im sure these little pulls were a massive part of his recovery

    Image #1 from Cath
  69. Christine (verified owner)

    Our diabetic cat experienced significant improvement in his diabetic neuropathy in his rear legs after receiving Zobaline for several months.

    Image #1 from Christine
  70. Sherry (verified owner)

    Great product! Helped my diabetic cat be able to walk almost normally again after being diagnosed with diabetes almost 3 years ago. Highly recommend this product!!

  71. karen s. (verified owner)

    I have done a few reviews on this product, but I can’t say enough on how well my kitty is doing taking one pill everyday!! It is truly amazing

  72. Kathi L. (verified owner)

    I am well pleased with this product and I am a great believer that this has helped heal my diabetic cat with her neuropathy!

  73. Anna (verified owner)

    This saved my diabetic kitty from neuropathy and severely weak hind legs. I am so unbelievably happy to have found this supplement!

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great on my diabetic cat

  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Slow to see results

  76. Sarah (verified owner)

    This product continues to work wonders for my diabetic cat and has greatly helped his walking!

  77. Kathleen Kissinger (verified owner)

    My cat seems to be adjusted to the tablets and takes 2 a day.

  78. Amy M. (verified owner)

    Zobaline has been amazing for our diabetic kitty! Coolwhip lost most of the use of his back legs due to diabetes but two doses of Zobaline a day for many months has him back to jumping and running. We are very grateful for the benefits our cat has seen from taking this product. We highly recommend that you try it for your diabetic kitty.

  79. Terri V. (verified owner)

    My cat has had diabetic neuropathy for several years and Zobaline seems to have really helped his mobility.

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Zobaline cured my cat of the diabetic neuropathy in his hind legs, and continues to help him one and a half years later!

  81. Emma Nephin (verified owner)

    The exchange rate and shipping fees to Canada were steep, but happy with the product.

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I think it helped, and the cat liked it.

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helps my sugar baby so much.

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product! Been using for over a year for my diabetic cat.

  85. Cathy Deegan (verified owner)

    My cat was diagnosed as diabetic in 2022. Shortly after, his hind legs became an issue. It was awful, he couldn’t jump, would lay down to eat. Started 1pill a day, ended up at 1 1/2 pills and he is great. He’s 14, so not an energetic kitten, but he can now go wherever he wants, including ceiling beams on our porch. It’s been a wonderful improvement.

    Image #1 from Cathy Deegan
    Image #2 from Cathy Deegan
    Image #3 from Cathy Deegan
  86. TROY (verified owner)

    Works wonders for our cats, we believe in this product 100%. Without it, our cats would not be as healthy.

  87. Keith Agnew (verified owner)

    Great service no issues

  88. Brenda P. (verified owner)

    Hasn’t made a huge difference in my diabetic cats neuropathy, but I do think I see some slight improvement.

  89. Claire Cox (verified owner)

    Zobaline has really made a difference with the diabetic neuropathy with my diabetic kitty.

  90. Lauren (verified owner)

    It helps my cat

  91. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My 18 yo cat has an amazing quality of life due to Zobaline. He still plays and is super healthy!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  92. Angela Richardson (verified owner)

    Seems good so far

  93. Darren (verified owner)

    Great product .. cat started getting really bad wobbly legs, has been on this for 2 weeks and when his blood sugar is low, the legs are way better

  94. Jessica M. (verified owner)

    It took a little while, but this supplement has made a huge difference for our fur baby with diabetes. His neuropathy was devastating to witness, but he has made a noticeable improvement after adding Zobaline. We are so thrilled to have this as a part of his new daily routine.

    Image #1 from Jessica M.
  95. Shelby (verified owner)

    This supplement has significantly improved my cats activity due to neuropathy. He wasn’t even able to jump up to my bed at the beginning of our feline diabetes journey, but with the help of Zobaline for Diabetic Cats he is no longer walking flat footed and able to jump up onto the counters, can hold himself up in the litter box and no longer has litter all over his feet, and is back to being playful with his brother! THANKYOU LIFELINK!!!

    Image #1 from Shelby
  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Got this product for my elder cat because his back legs were starting to degenerate due to diabetes. After taking this medication his legs have regained strength and he is walking normally without any dragging like before!

  97. Sandra Hodson (verified owner)

    Seems to be helping my diabetic cat with his neuropathy in his back legs. It’s a small pill and easy to give. I hidebin his food and he eats it up.

  98. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I use this supplement to prevent neuropathy in my diabetic cat. He has not had it yet!

  99. Joelle S. (verified owner)

    The difference in our cat is so positive after taking this for a month.

  100. Todd Lee (verified owner)

    Prompt shipping and good packaging

  101. Lisa (verified owner)

    My diabetic cat Jackson had severe neuropathy when he was first diagnosed. He was having trouble walking on his back legs and his feet were flat and dragging. In addition to insulin, I ordered Zobaline and after giving him two pills per day, and after 2-3 months he started improving and within 4-5 months the neuropathy was completely resolved.

  102. karen s. (verified owner)

    My diabetic cat has now been on Zobaline for 9 months and I can’t believe how well she is doing. She jumps up on furniture and is playful with her toys. What an amazing difference this product has made!!

  103. Michael D. (verified owner)

    My vet recommended this for my diabetic cat’s neuropathy in his back legs. Before he started talking it he was to the point of dragging his back legs around and couldn’t even jump onto the couch. Within a few short months after taking it daily, he returned to normal and is walking just as before and jumping up on the kitchen counter and other places where we really don’t want him. This medicine truly works, at least in our case. Thanks, Zobaline !

  104. Pattie Simons (verified owner)

    Zobaline has helped my cat Toby. He was diagnosed with diabetes February 2023 He lost a lot of weight and his neuropathy got really bad where he was walking on his hocks After being on insulin, he gained back his weight. I started him on Zobaline and now he is walking normal again He is climbing and jumping again I’m so happy this has really helped him. It took about six months for him to walk normal. So my advice to everyone be patient and keep giving your cat this product(vitamin) it really does work tks so much!! Happy Cat Happy Cat Mom!!♥️🐈

    Image #1 from Pattie Simons
    Image #2 from Pattie Simons
  105. Terri (verified owner)

    This works well for my diabetic cat. Since he has been on it he has more mobility.

  106. Jane (verified owner)

    This works wonders for our diabetic cat! Helps tremendously with his hind end weakness. He is on one pill a day for life, along with his 2x daily insulin.

  107. Cath L. (verified owner)

    Again cant praise these pills enough. My boy had really bad neuropathy to the point where he could not walk and the vet discussed euthanasia as his sugar wasnt coming down despite large doses of insulin. As a last resort I bought Zobaline. Nine months on with weight loss and Zobaline he is now in diabetic remission and is like a kitten again

    Image #1 from Cath L.
  108. Barbara (verified owner)

    Zobaline has been like a miracle for my diabetic cat. It enabled him to walk normally again on his hind legs. I will continue to give it to him to help keep his diabetic neuropathy under control. Thank you, Life Link!!!

  109. Anonymous (verified owner)

    LifeLink’s Zobaline supplement was recommended by my vet and has been an integral part of my boy’s diabetes journey to help his neuropathy. We’re so pleased with the results so far! It takes some time to start working so give it a try and don’t give up!

  110. Anne Aubin (verified owner)

    super product

  111. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always order. Helps my ziggy so boxy!

  112. Kathy (verified owner)

    Please don’t ever stop selling this product! It has put my diabetic male feline back on his toes. Thank you so much!

  113. Elene (verified owner)

    My senior Kitty has been on Zobaline since late 2022 when she was diagnosed as diabetic. It helped her bad back leg neuropathy and the change from being very unsteady on her feet to her jumping back up onto the couch etc was amazing. My understanding is that Zobaline helps build up the nerve cells that get damaged with unregulated blood glucose due to diabetes, and insulin helps to regulate the blood glucose. I have continued Zobaline at a lower dose even after Kitty went into remission (twice). She is back on insulin again (she has other underlying health issues that spike her blood glucose) and back to 2 Zobaline a day. Highly recommended.

  114. Melanie R. (verified owner)

    This product helps my cat’s quality of life and her ability to get around. I’m glad to have it!

  115. Amanda R. (verified owner)

    I love Zobaline. My sweet diabetic kitty Lilly had bad neuropathy in both front and back paws. She could barely walk without her legs giving out. I started giving her zobaline twice a day and a few months later she was back to jumping and running her zoomies like a happy girl!

    Image #1 from Amanda R.
  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This product has been working great for my diabetic cat seems to be more active and alert

  117. Anna H. (verified owner)

    I am so unbelievably happy I found this supplement for my diabetic baby! It has significantly helped with this neuropathy and has helped to maintain the strength in his hind legs!

  118. Heather L. (verified owner)

    Purchased for my cat’s neuropathy. He’s been on it a little less than a month but is already showing improvement. I hope that it continues to improve when he’s been on it longer. Definitely recommend if you have a diabetic cat with neuropathy.

  119. Allen (verified owner)

    Zobaline pills did exactly as described. Took approximately 2 months but my cat no longer walks on his hocks. Almost back to his normal gait. 1000% satisfied with his results.

  120. ME (verified owner)

    So happy I found out about Zobaline. It took a few months (4 to be exact) to kick in, but my cat is doing much better!! Back to jumping on the bed and going in the litter box. Hang in there with this med… will pay off. 🙂

  121. Jean (verified owner)

    Zobaline works. My cat had neuropathy in her hind legs and could not jump, or walk normally. This is painful! One pill given daily reversed the situation completely. In two weeks’ time I could see the difference it made; she didn’t lie down and sleep all the time and her appetite returned to normal. She wanted to play and run upstairs again. The neuropathy was due to type 2 diabetes which we have in remission as a result of changing from high carb kibbles to Keto Kibbles and Fancy Feast Pates ( wet food).

  122. Brenda (verified owner)

    My cat’s neuropathy has been greatly helped by Zobaline.

  123. Anna T. (verified owner)

    Works for cats neuropathy

  124. Kathleen Kissinger (verified owner)

    What my cat needs at a good price

  125. Melanie R. (verified owner)

    My cat had a stroke in 2017, followed by a diagnosis of diabetes which luckily is mostly controlled by a low-carb wet pate diet. But her diabetes-related neuropathy causes her pain and makes her walk like a peg legged pirate, on her hocks. Zobaline was suggested on one of my online diabetic cat forums. It has helped her. The pills do not seem to be bad-tasting and there are no problems getting them down her gullet (I put them into an opened Churu squeeze treat so they’re covered with deliciousness and then give her the treat by squeezing it and the pills into her mouth and she doesn’t seem to know they’re in there since she’s too busy licking up the treat). I’m glad that Zobaline exists and that it has a good track record of helping nerve pain in diabetic cats.

  126. Mary (verified owner)

    We give Zobaline to our 15 year old diabetic cat and he eats it no problem. Best thing is it helps him walk normally and not on his haunches. If you have a diabetic cat highly recommend to put this as part of their treatment.

  127. Greg H. (verified owner)

    Great product and company

  128. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This works well for my diabetic cat

  129. James M. (verified owner)

    Thank you for your quick shipping to Canada! First week of use and I am seeing improvement! Looking forward to the weeks ahead. Thank you

  130. TROY K. (verified owner)

    Works wonders for my cats, gets them up and moving all day long.

  131. Jennie Keith (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  132. Jeanne C. (verified owner)

    It really helped my cat when he developed diabetes. He began to drag his legs and I was very worried. I started him on Zobaline. I saw improvement after 7 to 10 days then his legs recovered completely after taking it for 3 to 4 weeks.

  133. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works reliably.

  134. Courtney C. (verified owner)

    Zobaline has made an amazing difference in the life of our diabetic cat, Dex. After figuring out the right insulin dose, Dex started gaining weight and was doing better except for his back legs. He was still having trouble walking and standing on his hind legs. Our vet said it was probably neuropathy (rather than arthritis) and recommended Zobaline. After starting Zobaline, he became more active and is walking, standing, and jumping much better than before. The difference is extremely noticible. His hind legs used to splat out and now they are more straight and strong.

    Image #1 from Courtney C.
    Image #2 from Courtney C.
  135. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They are great for my cat

  136. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My cat was walking flat up to his hocks because of diabetes. I learned about giving him this zobaline. In about 4 months, he walked normally again!

  137. Karl N. (verified owner)

    We really believe in Zobaline. At first we were skeptical, just another supplement. So we thought we would give it a try. After about a week we seen a huge difference. Our cat was back to walking on his feet again! Thanks LifeLink!

  138. Patricia (verified owner)

    My cat an I love this product. Is amazing how much it has improved his back legs.

  139. Shelby (verified owner)

    With the help of this product my kitty has gotten back to his normal spunky self. The damage from neuropathy had caused him to have very weak legs, now he’s walking normal, running around, and even able to jump to high places he hadn’t been able to. We have been using the Zobaline for almost a year, 2 with both of his big meals during the day and it saved him. Thankyou LifeLink 🖤

    Image #1 from Shelby
  140. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product

  141. Debbie (verified owner)

    I was told by the vet that Lola would not show any or much improvement with weight loss and diet for the neuropathy. I searched online to find something to help her. I found Zobaline, and read all the reviews. I bought it and started giving it to her. It took a few months before I saw improvement. Lola no longer walks like a seal, she runs around like a young cat and she is 14. Lola has been on this for over a year.
    I also love the story how Zobaline for cats came about. Thank you for this supplement.

  142. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I have an older tom cat that is on insulin and was having trouble with his back legs. I started him on a pill a day then up it to two a day. He has been on the two a day for about two months now and he can now climb stairs and jump up onto the cat tower. He’s still a little bit weak but getting better every day. Well worth the money.

  143. Joann (verified owner)

    Nice and understanding customer service and a great product that I use religiously for my cat!

  144. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Still hopeful and waiting to see if the product is effective in terms of treating our cat’s condition. But the ordering process, shipping and product condition are all OK.

  145. Anna H. (verified owner)

    My diabetic fur baby’s legs were so weak and it broke my heart to see him dragging them around. This literally brought him back to running and jumping around with confidence! It did take at least 6 weeks or so (combined with diet), but I’m SO happy I found this!

  146. Oleg (verified owner)

    It’s been two weeks since I started my newly diagnosed overweight diabetic cat on Zobaline and I can definitely see an improvement in his energy levels.

  147. Sherrie (verified owner)

    My elderly cat is much more active now!

  148. Jennifer K. (verified owner)

    So thankful for this product. It has helped our diabetic cat tremendously. He was doing so poorly when diagnosed with diabetes that we thought we would lose him. His neuropathy in his hind legs was really bad. It cleared up quickly after putting him on this supplement. It’s been over 3 years and he’s been feeling great.

  149. Pattie Simons (verified owner)

    I love this vitamin for my cat. He has done so well on it. He is back walking normal again thank you so much.

  150. Paige T. (verified owner)

    This is my highest recommended product I’ve ever used for anything in my life. It has completely saved my cats quality of life. It’s easy to feed and beyond worth the cost.

  151. Leigh Ann Slaughter (verified owner)

    Always the best for Ziggy. Thank you.

  152. Jessica M. (verified owner)

    This supplement has been so helpful in management of my fur baby’s diabetic neuropathy. He is so much stronger than before. Would highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Jessica M.
  153. Cyndi L. (verified owner)

    This vitamin has been a huge help in restoring my diabetic cat’s health. After a few weeks of adding a crushed pill to his food, he is able to walk much better, and is much more alert. There is no taste to the pill, this really helps when sneaking any meds to a cat!
    Thanks to Troy for making sure my orders get to me here in Canada-fast shipping thru the post office.
    I highly recommend this supplement to anyone with a diabetic cat, it really is beneficial to their overall health.

    Image #1 from Cyndi L.
  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My Diabetic cat has responded very well to this daily supplement. It took about 3 weeks for us to see results, but now he is able to jump and walk up the stairs.
    Life changer.
    The only reason I did not give a full 5 star rating was the price.

  155. Jennifer Wiseman (verified owner)

    Pill is small enough to fit into small pill pocket. It has really helped my kitty.

  156. Cynthia B. (verified owner)

    Zobaline has made my diabetic cat walk normally again. He was down on his hunches and I didn’t think there was anything to do. I decided to look on line and everyone was recommending Zobaline. I thought I’ll give it a try, and sure enough he was back on his toes. It took about a month, but after that once a day and he is good to go. He doesn’t seem to mind it crushed in his food either. I highly recommend if your cat has hind leg weakness.

  157. Kathi L. (verified owner)

    Great product! Do your research as this has helped my cat eliminate her neuropathy!

  158. Todd L. (verified owner)

    Male 13 year old cat with neuropathy in back legs appears to be doing better since on Zobaline.

  159. Jennifer (verified owner)

    It seems to be helping my cat walk better.

  160. Jennifer Wiseman (verified owner)

    It has really helped my kitty with neuropathy. I put it in a pill pocket and he takes it like a champ.

  161. Jane-Michelle (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for zobline! My furbaby was walking on his hocks and struggling terribly with it. I found out through research how zobaline helped a kitty with the same problem. I started him on it and in 3 to 4 months he was already walking normally. I thank God for leading me to find zobaline!!!!

  162. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My 12-yr old cat was diagnosed with diabetes & neuropathy in all 4 paws. After I started my cat on Zobaline, there was an improvement in her strength & now she has better control over her paws. I’ve also made some other changes in her supplements/diet. I plan to keep her on the Zobaline.

  163. Cath L. (verified owner)

    Amazing pills my boy was really bad with neuropathy vets more or less given up on him. Read about these pill so thought I would give them a try. 10 months after starting insulin and taking Zobaline he was in remission and jumping about like a kitten all signs of neuropathy gone. I cant stress enough how much I think these little pills helped him

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Gave my diabetic cat function back in his hind legs! Amazing stuff

  165. Mark Tischler (verified owner)

    It’s hard to tell, but hopefully it is making my cats neuropathy better.

  166. Elene (verified owner)

    Zobaline has been a game changer for my Kitty. She has been diabetic since August 2022, and at one stage her back leg neuropathy was so bad she was stumbling and unable to walk properly. I started her off on Zobaline, and together with getting her blood glucose regulated on glargine insulin, this has cleared up her neuropathy and she is now leaping up to her window box perch and onto the couch as she did before the diabetes. She’s been in remission twice, heading there again hopefully (chronic pancreatitis has complicated her diabetic treatment) and through it all we have continued to give Zobaline.

  167. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Zobaline has greatly helped my diabetic cat to be able to walk normally again. I continue to give it to him to help with his diabetic neuropathy.

  168. Patti (verified owner)

    It’s helped my 16 yr old diabetic cat walk again!

  169. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We have been using this product on our diabetic cat who suffers from nephropathy. I have only wonderful things to say about this product !

  170. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helped cats back legs back to normal

  171. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ziggy does very well with zobaline

  172. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A friend visited recently, and noted how much better our cat is able to walk and move around in the few months that I’ve been supplementing his food with Zobaline. As she said, “it’s amazing the difference!”

  173. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This absolutely saved our diabetic cat!

  174. Keith (verified owner)

    Great product and a great service

  175. Cindy (verified owner)

    My diabetic/CKD cat has improved significantly since starting Zobaline. The sore on her leg from having a plantigrade stance is almost fully healed as her stance is now mostly normal. I crush 1 tab a day and feed with chicken heart hydrated with water. I saw a difference after about 3 weeks.

  176. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I think it is starting to help my cat with walking better.

  177. Lisa (verified owner)

    This product has really helped my cat. He was having a lot of difficulty walking (hind legs sliding around). Huge improvement since giving this supplement

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