Zobaline™ For Diabetic Cats 3 mg x 60 tablets

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Zobaline is a supplement used to improve peripheral nerve health in old and overweight cats. Zobaline is capable of improving weakness in the hind legs, walking on the hocks rather than on the toes, loss of ability to climb stairs, and lack of endurance.

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9 reviews for Zobaline™ For Diabetic Cats 3 mg x 60 tablets

  1. Maggie (verified owner)

    Zobaline returned the quality of life to my diabetic cat, giving him strength back to his hind legs so he could walk properly again and squat in the litter box.

  2. Dave L. (verified owner)

    Seems to help our fur baby’s hind quarter

  3. Laura H. (verified owner)

    My cat Tiger has diabetic neuropathy. I have been giving him Zobaline for about 4 months so far. I feel that it is helping him, he is walking better and is even able to jump up on the couch now. He was just going from under the couch to the utility room and back. Now he is venturing farther in the house. I will continue to use this product.

    Image #1 from Laura H.
  4. Morag (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that gave my cat his life back even tho he lives in UK and has been having these tablets for 8 years ..worth every penny or dollar depending where you live

    Image #1 from Morag
  5. Paige T. (verified owner)

    I’ve been giving my cat Zobaline for over 2 years and it has completely changed his life. He is able to walk, jump and navigate our house safely. I am beyond thankful for this product and the effect it has had to better my furbaby’s quality of life.

  6. Terri V. (verified owner)

    Zobaline has helped my diabetic cat with his neuropathy.

  7. Mary J. (verified owner)

    I originally purchased Zobaline for my 13 yr old diabetic cat with neuropathy. His back legs were so bad that he could only walk 3-4 steps before resting. Jumping was impossible. Within 6 weeks he was almost back to normal. By 8 weeks he was acting normal. Two years later he is starting to move slower due to muscle loss in his back legs. Having started Zobaline again last month we are seeing an improvement.

  8. LeighAnn S. (verified owner)

    Works wonders for our diabetic cat

  9. Sherry S. (verified owner)

    Our cat was diagnosed with diabetes just over a year ago and developed severe neuropathy in her hind legs. Heard about this product from our vet and she’s been on it ever since. Within a few weeks she was able to walk again. Thank you Life Link!

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