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  1. What my cat needs at a good price

  2. Works for cats neuropathy

  3. My cat’s neuropathy has been greatly helped by Zobaline.

  4. Zobaline works. My cat had neuropathy in her hind legs and could not jump, or walk normally. This is painful! One pill given daily reversed the situation completely. In two weeks’ time I could see the difference it made; she didn’t lie down and sleep all the time and her appetite returned to normal. She wanted to play and run upstairs again. The neuropathy was due to type 2 diabetes which we have in remission as a result of changing from high carb kibbles to Keto Kibbles and Fancy Feast Pates ( wet food).

  5. I love the product because it makes my skin smooth and helps prevent acne breakouts. I’ve been using it for over 15 years!