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  1. My kitty is a controlled diabetic with back leg neuropathy. She has now been on Zobaline for 6 months and I am thrilled to say that she is walking and jumping normally. This product has given her her mobility back!! Couldn’t been happier!!

  2. 11 yr old cat was diagnosed with diabetes & neuropathy in back legs. Vet started her on a conservative amount of insulin, and since increased it now that she has neuropathy in her front paws too. After doing research, weened her off dry food. She had been on Zobaline 1x/day for 3 months, now increased it to 2x/day. It’s been a month with the increased dosage, haven’t seen a difference yet. After seeing the positive reviews for Zobaline, I’m hopeful my kitty will see improvement too.

  3. As always, helps my diabetic boy. Thank you.

  4. Our 13 year old Diabetic cat suffered from neuropathy. She stopped going upstairs & jumping on furniture. Whiskers has been taking Zobaline for 9 months & has improved tremendously. I am so happy I found this product.

  5. Zobaline helped my cat with his hind-end weakness caused by his diabetes. After 2 weeks of a daily zobaline tablet given in a treat, he was walking normally and able to jump again! We are thrilled with the results and will keep him on these tablets for the rest of his life.